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MQM: So you are MQM’s Fitness Cover Model, can you tell the readers how you stay so fit? Is this your first collaboration with MQM Magazine’s head photographer MarQuest? You fellas brought the heat, how was it working with MarQuest?

PR: My whole life I have been an athlete. I played football, basketball, baseball, and I ran track, since I was 4 years old until my senior year of high school in which I took a football scholarship to college to further my athletic career. So my whole life I have always been active and in some type of training since I was a little kid so I guess that definitely helped me always stay fit and in top physical shape.

This was my 1st collaboration with MQM Magazine’s head photographer Marquest. He was a pleasure to work with. As soon as he started playing his Rasta music I knew we would get along just fine. He was very easy to work with and he knows his stuff and what he’s looking for in certain shots. He really is an artist behind that camera.

I am focusing mostly on our “Prison Workouts”

MQM: What are your most useful work out routines and regimen to staying fit? Can you give us a few tips?

PR: My uncle is a personal trainer. He trains me every summer before my football seasons. My uncle was in prison for 10 years and during his time in he trained other inmates and turned his body into a piece of iron. A real physical monster. Nobody could out do him or outwork him in there. He focused mainly on majority of all different types of body weight exercises. Push-ups, pull-ups, shoulder complex, dips, core, etc. So in our training he focuses on a lot of these body weight exercises with me. It maximizes muscle endurance & gets me to the point where I don’t get fatigued anymore. Which is essential in football in being able to maintain and last for 4 quarters and play to your maximum potential. Of course being a football player I still do use weights and bench, squat, power clean, and dead lifts. But when I’m not doing those power lifts I am focusing mostly on our “Prison Workouts” and doing body weight exercises and sculpting my body and turning it into a machine. A quote my uncle likes to say about his training routine is “We can do any type of workout there is and finish it, but you can’t come do our workout and finish on your 1st try no matter who you are, I guarantee it”!


MQM: Meal prepping is the new to do for staying fit, do you prep? If so what are some of your favorite meals to prep?

PR: I honestly just started getting into meal prepping. All my life I have been an athlete so getting out of shape was damn near impossible so I never really had to worry about eating right. But now after going to college and studying exercise sciences and education and gaining the knowledge of how the human body actually works I realize how important your nutrition is. So now I try to focus on eating a lot of lean meats, a lot of green vegetables, I eat A LOT of fruit every day. I drink nothing but water maybe an occasional lemonade with dinner out. I try to stay away from all junk food as much as possible even though it is my favorite. I’m not the most disciplined when it comes to eating healthy but I do a pretty good job for the most part. If I have an off week I try to make up for it in the weight room and work extra hard to work off the bad foods.

Playing football has been nothing but a blessing to my life.

MQM: Well those were some great tips for our readers! So you play football, how long have you been playing and what position do you play? I love the game, I’m a die hard Steelers fan myself. I have to ask who’s your favorite NFL team?

PR: Man I have been playing football since I could walk. Played in my 1st organized flag football league at 4 years old in Fort Myers, Florida. I have been a Quarterback ever since I touched a football. It’s just something about that Leadership and Captain role that just always caught my attention from a young age. I always wanted to be that #1 guy that guy in charge that everyone looked to for direction that everyone looked to for hope in hard times. I just fell in love with it. Playing football has been nothing but a blessing to my life. It has taken me all across this beautiful country of ours, I have been privileged to meet some of the greatest people playing this game and have formed some of my best friendships thanks to football. My closest friends to this day we all met playing on the same pop warner football team at 5 years old. Football paid for my entire college education & most recently I had a try out for the Chicago Bears. I have had my ups and downs in my football career and the surgeries to prove it, but I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to play this game and compete at the highest level alongside with some of the greatest players in the world. I actually don’t have a favorite NFL team I always told myself my favorite NFL team will be the 1st team that picks me to play for them!!


MQM: On top of playing football, you model and you act as well, how long have you’ve been doing both?  Where can our readers find some of your work? What should our readers expect in the future from our MQM Cover Model?

PR: I actually haven’t been modeling and acting for that long. I have always been so focused on football and school I found little time to explore my talents in the industry. Ever since I suffered an injury on the football field and I had to sit out of football for a year and rehab I really looked for a backup plan and wanted to venture out and see what else I was good at and could focus my talents on. Everyone always told me Patrick you should really model I think you could go far. I always kind of brushed it off and didn’t think much of it. Then my girlfriend at the time was a pretty successful model and introduced me to some people in the industry and it kind of took off from there.

I always knew I had what it took to be a successful model/actor I just never really gave it full effort and put my entire time into it. Now I would like to really focus on modeling and acting more and broaden my portfolio and conquer bigger and new projects. I have done a few small roles. I had a small role in HBO Ballers Season 2 where I played a football player. I shot in 2 different commercials, I did a photo shoot for Puma. Everything really just started happening fast for me and now I feel I am ready to take the next step into modeling and acting and do more things and compete with the best of the best. I’m up for any challenge and feel that I’m ready for some big roles.


MQM: OK okay, let’s pick your brain a little. For our ladies readers, what does a handsome guy like yourself like to do in his spare time? I know a lot of ladies would love to rub their fingers through your hair… lol, how long have you been growing your dreadlocks?

PR: To be honest I don’t live the most exciting life. When I’m not in training for football, you can find me spending time with my kids. I’m a dad before football, modeling, acting, whatever it may be. Being a dad has always been the biggest blessing in my life. I have a 5 year old son named Patrick Jr. That kid man, coolest kid you will ever meet and one hell of an athlete. In my spare time you will catch us at the park throwing football routes to each other, at the baseball field hitting balls, Chuck E. Cheese’s competing with other parents and kids in the basketball shooting game lol. We are always together, he’s my right hand. I take him everywhere with me. He’s my twin he’s just like me so it’s hard for me to get mad at him because he reminds me so much of myself. So if you thought I was that guy you will find on the scene all the time or in the clubs or dressed all fly everyday man I couldn’t be further from that. In my spare time you will find me in some gym shorts and a tank top outside somewhere playing ball with my boy.

I have been growing my dreads for about 6-7 years now. I have actually cut them shorter a few times they used to be a lot longer than this. You come to where I’m from and you will find it is the home of the dread locks. Everybody has dreads here.


MQM: Is there anyone you want to give a special shout out to that has helped you along your fitness and career journey?

PR: My special shout out goes to my hometown to the city of Fort Myers, Florida. If you’re from where I’m from then you will understand why we are the way we are. Why we go so hard for our city. Coming from Lee County you see a lot and go through a lot growing up. So if anyone makes it out and makes something of themselves from my city you can’t help but to salute that person, because you understand the struggles of making it out of our city and just the things you had to see and deal with growing up. So for all the people in Fort Myers all my friends and family. This one’s for y’all. #239 Stand Up!!!

Well there we have it my readers! Not only is Patrick Ryan easy on the eyes, but he’s smart, fit and going big places!  Get ready because I’m most certain we will be seeing a lot more of Patrick. This issue is giving you a double dose of fitness on a whole another level of sexy. How funny is it that both of our cover models names’ start with P! Make sure to like our fan page on facebook and follow our instagram for behind the scenes of new issues and upcoming projects.

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