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SMILE FOR ME JAMAICA, is a foundation that is set up to provide funding for (2) Independent Charter schools, Charlton Primary School in Alexandria St. Ann, Jamaica and Whyte’s Preschool & Kindergarten located in Clarendon, Jamaica.

Charlton Primary School is where MarQuest attended school in 1991-1993.  The funding for this foundation will help the students with getting school uniforms, shoes, and nutrition meal packs which would help us in providing lunch for students for one to two years.

The students at these two schools are also in need of more computers, calculators, paper/books/pencils, learning instruments and paint/painting equipment to repaint the school with educational art work.

If you would like to help us raise money for the SMILE FOR ME JAMAICA foundation. We would greatly appreciate it and please visit our GoFundMe profile to get updates of what we are doing to help.



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