Talent Spotlight: Shupier Jones

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MQM is committed to providing you the with the latest in entertainment, music and lifestyle events. This issue we would like to showcase an Atlanta talent known for her multi-talented roles on film and in real life. A single mother, actress, stylist, writer, hostess, motivational and spiritual speaker this phenomenal woman has left a lasting impression on all. Shupier Jones is here giving us all the juicy details of her journey, upcoming films and her new book “Putting It All On Paper”.


MQM: Welcome Shupier, we are excited to feature you in this upcoming issue of MQMagazine! Tell us how was your experience working with MQ and his team?
SJ: My experience with MQ has been awesome; everyone at MQ had the three p’s: polite, pleasing and professional. I will definitely refer when need by people who need exposure in their working profession.

MQM: You’re an inspiration to young girls and women, tell us a little about your journey. What was it that gave you the drive to step out on faith and pursue your dreams? What was your motivation?
SJ: First and foremost, stepping out on faith wasn’t a choice, it was a MUST. Because of my faith and journey with the Most High, it gave me the opportunity to fulfill my purpose. I’ve learned that my experiences equip me to be the woman I am today. I also learned that my past experiences can encourage others to never give up on their dreams. As a single parent my motivation come through the eyes of my children. I am their teacher and it’s my job to make sure they are seeing greatness.

MQM: How old were you when you had your oldest daughter? How was it raising two girls on your own? Were there days when you wanted to quit, what kept you going?
SJ: I had my first child at 23. Being young and in love, I did what I had to do to provide for my family. I worked two job and went to school. There were many times [that] I felt discouraged but I pressed my way through. I realize when you want something out of life it’s a process and that process consist of hard work.

MQM: We hear that you be slaying heads out in Atlanta as a owner of your own hair salon, how do you juggle being an salon owner, single mother on top of the many roles you take on?
SJ: The Most High, mercy and grace. Honestly, I have to meditate daily and take time out for myself. Having multiple roles can take a toll over your body but I’ve learned how to balance out my time and keep myself around positive people.

MQM: Tell us about your lead role in the movie “Flowers” playing alongside actor Clifton Powell, how was that experience? Was this your first leading role in a major film? What are some other upcoming films or documentaries our readers can find you in?
SJ: I played the lead character Tamara Wright, a lawyer who seemed as if she has it all together but still get tangled in different situations. Working with Soul City Films, was a great experience for me. It was my first time playing as a lead and they made me feel like I was around family. I’m also happy to announce my up coming documentary called Putting It All On Paper, will be shown on my YouTube this 2017 of May.

MQM: With the many talents this beauty and brains have, it leaves us in awww seeing how one woman can juggle it all, we follow your work and also know you are well known for hosting red carpet events. What are some of the big events you had the pleasure of hosting?
SJ: Some of the big events I’ve had the pleasure of hosting is Celebrity Ceelo Green’s Greenhouse Charity event; Former NFL Stevie Baggs’s Dream Cafè Red Carpet; Former Baseball Player Otis Nixon’s foundation Red Carpet; Radio Personality host for World Star Hit Radio and Comcast Network Host.

MQM: So tell us about your book “Putting It All On Paper”. What was your inspiration behind the book? What type of impact you want to leave your readers with? Where can our readers purchase your book and find some of your work? Your journey is almost like a testimony, is this what encouraged you to become a motivational/spiritual speaker? Is there anyone you want to give thanks to has has helped you along your journey?
SJ: “Putting It All On Paper” is a memoir about my past life experiences. It was very therapeutic for me since I wrote about my untold stories. At lot of times we as people don’t recover from our past hurt. We just continue going on with our daily lives thinking it will never resurfaced but it does when a certain situation provokes it. This is one reason why I started writing, I needed to revisit my past and face the very thing that broken me and set myself free my bondage. In all honesty, I want my readers to do the same. I want them to release themselves from past situations that constantly haunt them. If anyone is interested in purchasing the book visit www.shupierjones.com for further details. My first book is just one of my many testimonies. When I’m speaking at didn’t events I like my audience know I’ve come from many trails and tribulations. The only difference now is I just use what the devil meant for bad and turn it into something good.


Well there you have it guys, make sure you keep up with the lovely Shupier Jones. Please check out her website and subscribe to her YouTube Channel. I’m pretty sure we are going to be seeing and hearing nothing but major big things from her in the future.

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