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MQM: Such an honor to be interviewing a beauty such us as yourself, give us the day and life of “Pilar Sanders”.

PS: Thank you for the opportunity to work with you again and to speak to your audience. I try to plan and organize my days as much as possible however I always leave wiggle room for anything to change at a drop of a dime, and they often do. None of my days are ever the same, ever boring or ever without adventure of sorts. With that in mind, the few things that do make it into every day are my gratuitous meditations, verbal and physical expressions of love to my family and self, and some sort of physical workout whether at home or at the gym.


MQM: Since you are MQM magazine’s Fitness Cover Model, can you tell the readers how you stay so fit? What are your most useful work out routines and regimen to staying fit? Can you give us a few tips?

PS: 90% of the fitness battle is what we eat. What we eat affects our energy, our thoughts and what we do and with the rising acceptance and pushing of Genetically Modified Organisms and GMO laced foods, ‘consumable products’ being advertised as ‘food’ and their ability to actually change DNA, it is vital to pay extra attention to what food actually is and the importance of feeding your body real food, this alone will help anyone stay healthy and keep their body fit.

The other 10% of the fitness battle is keeping active. The go to workouts that I love because I can do them anywhere, with no equipment are; floor pilates, squats, lunges, sprints, jump rope, push ups and crunches.


MQM: What are your suggestions to someone like me who wants to be fit but dreads the process, like I want to wake up and have the perfect body like yours but don’t want to go the gym, is there any home work out routines our readers could do?

PS: The energy you emit and digest will only circulate and surround you, so I’d suggest a change in the way you think, and speak about working out from a negative standpoint to a positive one first, then your feelings about it working out and your drive to get fit will soon change.
Getting in the habit of doing a little something everyday whether it be 2-3 sets of 100 sit ups/crunches, 50 push ups, 50 lunges, 50 squats, jumps rope for 1-10 minutes a day, then increasing the amounts and sets every day will put your mind and body in the habit of feeling itself and wanting to push further. By the third week of that, it’ll become a habit and your body will crave that active attention automatically.


MQM: Meal prepping is the new to do for staying fit, do you prep? If so what are some of your favorite meals to prep?

PS: Meal prepping is great if you have the time, room and patience for it. It is a great concept and I’m sure it saves time and alleviates the ‘worry’ of the ‘what do I eat’ syndrome, but it’s just not practical for my life and how I move personally. I’m in tune with my body and I think it’s more effective to know yourself opposed to doing anything because it’s a fad.

MQM: Where can I readers find some of your fitness work at?

PS: I share my health, beauty and fitness tips on my Instagram: @PilarSanders
Twitter: @IamPilarSanders
Snapchat: @PilarSanders
and Facebook: @PilarSanders


MQM: What’s next for the beautiful Pilar Sanders?

PS: I am in the process of filming a few movies now, so look for me soon.


MQM: Is there anyone you want to give a special shout out to that has helped you along your fitness journey?

PS: I’d like to recognize my supporters and fans who have been consistent in requesting information, tips and secrets about beauty, health and fitness from me Thank u 😘 much luv to u!

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