MQModel: Sophia Nicoletta @phia_letta

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Follow Sophia on instagram @phia_letta! Here are 10 facts about Sophia!

  1. I have the utmost humorous and entertaining personality, to be around me it to laugh and feel welcomed. I don’t make time for people who don’t find my jokingly sarcasm anything but funny. I’m versatile and can blend in with almost any type of crowd.
  2. I don’t have any tattoos, body piercings or augmented surgeries.
  3. Thanks to my father, I’m definitely am outdoorsy kind of girl. Hunting, fishing, skiing and rock climbing are a few of my faves.
  4. I LOVE TO EAT AND COOK! Soul Food, Authentic Mexican and Italian are my all time fav’s. Total wine lover, I HATE almost every dairy product, ESPECIALLY CHEESE! I’ve also participated in a “Ghost Chili Challenge” and won! (I can handle the heat)
  5. I’m currently enrolled at Napa College in Napa, Ca majoring in Business/Marketing. I will be taking on a second major or BA in the near future also.
  6. I will try and do almost anything at least once in life, EXCEPT CHEESE!
  7. Like most girls, I excessively love makeup, hair styling and fashion. Retail therapy shopping and I also have some of the softest hair you can imagine.
  8. I studied Acting/Filming in San Francisco, Ca and I also take on Pole Fitness/Polercising classes from time to time.
  9. I’m a total book whore. I love reading all materials as much as possible.
  10. I’m super family orientated. I love family and close friends. Love is good for the soul.
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