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With over 1 million followers on social media, Jasmin Cadavid has created a presence so strong on the internet, that every guy wishes she was their real-life #WCW and every girl wanting to be her. It gives us great pleasure to announce this bombshell as our cover model this month! From modeling to music to being a successful businesswoman, this beauty wears many hats.


MQM: All our covers are shot by MarQuest. You guys have had many years putting out some bangers! How long have you been working with him? What separates him from other photographers in the industry right now?
JC: One thing that I love about Marquest is that he values his work and his work is his whole life. I respect how much love and passion he has for all of his work and I think that’s the way that everyone should be, whatever you decide to do you should go full throttle. We’ve actually known each other for some years now, but have started getting heavy and to our work 2016 and 2017 and I’m glad we did because we’re on a whole new level.


MQM: What is your ethnicity? Where are you originally from?
JC: I am originally from Miami, born and raised. My father is from Colombia and my mother is from Guatemala.


MQM: How did you get started in modeling? When did you realize that your career had reached vixen status?
JC: So, I started modeling at about the age of 19. I did a photo shoot with MJ Flix back in the day and it just did a domino effect where I started getting booked for videos, magazines, and things of that nature. It led to my first major video which was Camron and Vado “Speaking in tongues”, where I took the lead role. After that I was featured and took lead roles working with everyone from 50 Cent, Pitbull, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Migos, you name them I’ve worked with them at some point. Not only music videos but Super Bowl commercial, extra in the Pain & Gain movie, and even clothing brands. I realized that I had really become a successful “legendary” vixen when I won 2015 Video Vixen of the Year. I knew I was poppin before that but 2015 was the first time I had been single and focusing on myself and my career alone.

MQM: In a male dominated industry, what advice can you give to upcoming models who may not understand or underestimate the importance of a clean image? How do you separate yourself from the competition?
JC: I think it’s very important to be aware of society’s values, even if it’s different from your own. The reason being is because in this industry you make your money based off other people and their opinions. It is also about who you know, so that means your reputation is a big factor. I think the biggest hurdle is more so just being a woman, people automatically think models are uneducated or naive, so you must prove yourself and show otherwise and show that you came for business and business only. If you get booked with someone, even if you like him/her, go to work and leave; no getting drunk or lollygagging, stick to the script.


MQM: We know that you have a 2017 calendar out now. Where can people find some of your latest work? Have you planned your 2018 calendar yet… with MQM? Lol
JC: So yes, you can find my 2017 summer and the winter Limited Edition calendar on my website Ha-ha doesn’t sound like a bad idea we might have to start thinking about that, I’m sure it’d be crazy.


MQM: Let’s switch gears. You’re doing big things for 2017, including music. MQM was honored to photograph you for your album’s EP cover. Tell us about your new single “Float” and the inspiration behind it. When will it be released?
JC: Yes, my first single “Float” I am dropping on 4/20. Obviously, I’m in the marijuana industry so it was only right that I dropped it on a date that was contingent with what I have going on already. The song is about a guy cheating on his girl and he thinks she’ll never know or leave him. She ends up getting tired of his infidelities, and leaves him (Float away). The video also drops on 4/20 and I’m very excited for that it’s clean, unique, and crazy. I was inspired to make this song because at the time I was dating somebody who would do a lot of things when I wasn’t around and he thought I didn’t know, to this day he doesn’t know that I knew. So, I would be in the studio talking about it with my boys and that’s pretty much where it derived from.


MQM: Speaking of dating, we understand that you’re focused right now, but is there a special someone in your life? Do you find it difficult or challenging to find someone genuine being in this industry? Do men find you intimidating?
JC: Yes, I find it extremely difficult to date and find people that are genuine period. Every time I think I meet a nice guy that I want to talk to he: A) Thinks I have 1 million guys and I have plenty of attention; B) In the industry, I’m in I’m surrounded by men that have 10 girlfriends, 3 baby mamas and one wife at home; or C) It’s hard for me to trust anybody because I’m always in the back of my head thinking that this person is trying to play me or take something from me. At the time, I have many friends and people I care for but nobody that’s truly special to me or makes me feel truly special to where I’d consider taking serious on that next level. But just know I am looking for him!


MQM: You also have your own line of rolling papers. Team MQM loves and supports you big time! Are you the first female to come out with her own cannabis rolling product? Can you tell us how your rolling papers differ from the ones already out there and where can we get them?
JC: Aw man, you have no idea how much I love and appreciate that- especially coming from you who has also been in the industry for so long. Thank you! Yes, I believe I am the first woman to come out with her own rolling paper line. Not to mention her own flower (Jazzy Kush) and moon-rock (Banana Moonrocks) to go with it. My company is called Jazzy Rolling Papers, and I am the CEO and founder. It is all organic, slow burning, the glue is noncancerous and I currently hold three kinds; pink, unbleached, and ultra-thin. The pink is the first of its kind in the coloring is FDA approved therefore it doesn’t harm you when you smoke it. These papers are wood pulp made from France, the finest of its kind. I will soon be releasing pink long pre-rolled cones with Jazzy Kush, so stay tuned! Please log on to the official website if they don’t carry Jazzy Rolling Papers at a store near you. $1 of every box goes to breast cancer. You can purchase them over at


MQM: What can we expect from Jasmin Cadavid, the businesswoman, in the upcoming months? Where can people go to stay updated on your latest projects? Is there anyone you’d like to send a special shout-out that helped you along the way?
JC: Well, you can definitely expect to hear a lot of new music and hopefully see me in a city near you. I am releasing my official Jasmin Cadavid app within the next month so please download and stay up-to-date with everything I have going on, you won’t be disappointed. Make sure you are following me on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat @JasminCadavid
Shout out to the lord about to all the blessings I’ve endured, good & bad. Thank you to everyone out there who supports every movement I make ❤️

Well there you have it. This vixen has kicked in doors, broken barriers, and overcome stereotypes in a male dominated industry. She has captivated us with her beautiful smile, hourglass frame, and business sense. Proving that real success comes from hard work and dedication, Jasmin is turning her brand into a household name while wearing her crown straight, not crooked. With her fan base growing each day, just sit back and take notes, because this ride is going to be a long one! Buckle up and prepare yourself for the ultimate jet-set life of Jasmin Cadavid!

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